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BTL Emsella For Vaginal Rejuvenation

BTL Emsella For Vaginal Rejuvenation

BTL Emsella is a revolutionary treatment that can treat incontinence by strengthening and tightening the pelvic floor muscles. However, it can also be used for vaginal rejuvenation, to help improve the tightness and sensation of the vagina and give you back confidence in your sex life.

As we age, the muscles in our pelvic floor often naturally become weaker. This can be due to the strain of a vaginal birth or the drop in estrogen and collagen production as we hit the menopause. This can lead to leaks, dribbles and other symptoms of stress incontinence, but also the increase of vaginal laxity and a loss of elasticity in the vagina.

BTL Emsella treatment is a new, revolutionary treatment designed to help improve the strength of the pelvic floor muscles and rejuvenate the vagina, whilst reducing the symptoms related to vaginal laxity.

What Is Vaginal Laxity?

While a very common condition, vaginal laxity is often not talked about by women, even though it can have such a huge impact on our lives and relationships

Vaginal laxity is a condition that falls under the wider umbrella of genitourinary symptoms of menopause (GSM), and is caused by a lack of collagen and a loss of muscle strength in the vaginal tissues and muscles. It can trigger a variety of intimate health issues for women, and make sex and sexual realtionships less enjoyable.

Vaginal laxity leads to less sensation during sex for both men and women, meaning sex can become less exciting and pleasurable, lowering your sex drive. It can also make it more difficult to reach orgasm for many women. Vaginal dryness is also common when suffering from vaginal laxity, which can cause painful or difficult sex due to the lack of lubrication. The vagina walls can even chafe, causing discomfort.

Even as we age, sex is so important to help maintain closeness and intimacy in our relationships, and difficulty having sex can create a rift between partners, giving your confidence a knock and making you feel older than you are. 

Many of the treatments traditionally available such as surgical vaginoplasty, carry high risks,  are very invasive and have long, intensive recovery periods. This means that many women suffering from vaginal laxity have had to sit and suffer in silence in the past. Nowadays, treatments like BTL Emsella are available to help improve your pelvic health and give your sex life and self-confidence a real boost! 

What Causes Vaginal Laxity?

Vaginal Laxity can be caused by a variety of factors, but the most common are the impact of the menopause and lasting effects from vaginal childbirth.

The majority of women experience the start of the menopause between the ages of 45 and 55, where there are considerable changes in women’s natural hormone levels. The sharp drop in estrogen production causes many changes in women’s bodies, including a drop in the levels of collagen that the body produces. This is particularly important when it comes to women’s health during the menopause. Collagen production begins to slow from the mid 20’s, contributing to the visible signs of ageing in the body and skin and the drop in estrogen further lowers collagen production in the body. 

This drop in collagen levels can cause a loss in skin elasticity, causing fine lines and wrinkles, as well as a loss of muscle tone. This is where vaginal laxity comes in – this combination of changes in the body leads to a variety of genitourinary symptoms of menopause, or GSM, including vaginal laxity and conditions associated with it.

Vaginal laxity occurs when the tissues in the vaginal canal and the pelvic floor muscles become weakened, either due to collagen loss or a loss of muscle tone, leading to a variety of issues. These can include a higher likelihood of stress incontinence, looseness and lack of sensation in the vagina during sex. This can make having sex more difficult due to vaginal dryness and pain.

Vaginal laxity can also be caused by childbirth, with the vagina and vaginal canal undergoing immense strain during vaginal birth. For women who have had long or complicated births, larger babies or multiple vaginal deliveries, the likelihood of vaginal laxity becomes higher. While the vagina is a muscle designed to relax and contract, if damage occurs to the muscles during birth, it may not be able to contract as well as before having children, leading to vaginal laxity.

These issues affect many women throughout their lives, yet they are not spoken about as often as they should be. However, here at Estrada Clinic, we are passionate about using BTL Emsella to help give women back control of their lives and sexuality, and to free them from the symptoms of vaginal laxity.

How Does BTL Emsella Treat Vaginal Laxity?

BTL Emsella is a revolutionary treatment designed to directly target the muscles in and around the vagina, as well as to trigger natural collagen regeneration  in the area. It does this using HIFEM technology, which is completely non-surgical and non-invasive.

BTL Emsella works by using High Intensity Focused Electromagnetic technology (also known as HIFEM) to directly target the muscles in the pelvic floor. The pelvic floor muscles are relaxed and contracted involuntarily by the HIFEM waves, working them out like you would any other muscle. In this way, it also connects with the muscles of the vaginal canal and vaginal opening, to help strengthen and tighten them, creating a more secure pelvic floor, and a tighter vaginal canal. This increases sexual pleasure for both partners by creating more physical sensation and rejuvenating the vagina. 

BTL Emsella has helped many women take back control of their sexuality, in a treatment that is completely painless and takes less than half an hour per session! The BTL Emsella treatment is carried out fully clothed and is a 100% non-invasive, non-surgical procedure. There is no downtime after treatment, so you can even have Emsella treatment on your lunch break! 

What Are The Results of BTL Emsella for Vaginal Laxity

BTL Emsella treatment can give results you can really feel, sometimes after your first treatment. However, for lasting and significant results, we provide a course of between six to ten sessions over a period of two to four weeks, depending on your age and issues. The course will be tailored to your individual needs after your consultation and as the course progresses. Results are different for each person, depending on the reason for your issues.

After a treatment course of BTL Emsella, our clients report a feeling of tightness and rejuvenation in the vaginal canal and the surrounding area, making sex easier and more pleasurable. By tightening the vagina, BTL Emsella can also help to reduce other symptoms of GSM, such as dryness and vaginal discomfort, painful sex, and difficulty becoming aroused or reaching orgasm. This helps to improve the sex lives of many of our clients, and give them a real confidence boost when it comes to intimate relationships.

Women who suffer from a weak pelvic floor also report feeling more in control of their bladder after treatment with BTL Emsella.

The results of BTL Emsella treatment can last for years, and if you need top-up treatments we can carry these out at Estrada Clinic too! Regular kegel exercise sessions will help keep your pelvic muscles strong and should be carried out everyday during and after your course of treatment.

What Is The Treatment Process Like?

We always carry out a full consultation with every single one of our clients before performing any BTL Emsella treatment. In your consultation, we will discuss your symptoms and medical history, as well as why BTL Emsella might be right for you. We’ll also go through an important health checklist to make sure the treatment is safe and will really benefit your overall health and wellbeing. We can carry out these initial consultations in-person or over the phone to help make things easier for you. At Estrada Clinic, we’re passionate about BTL Emsella, and believe it can change the lives of so many women, however, we also care deeply about our patients and know that your safety and comfort is paramount, which is why we’ll never recommend Emsella treatment to anyone who isn’t suitable. 

On the day of your treatment, you will be greeted by father and daughter team Anneliese and Robert at our purpose-built Cheadle clinic. Based in Abney Hall, a breathtaking grade 2 listed building tucked away in the heart of Cheshire, Estrada Clinic is a peaceful and relaxing space for your Emsella treatment. When it comes to your treatment, we always carry out the BTL Emsella treatment in a secluded and separate area of the clinic to protect your privacy and improve your comfort. We also offer space for friends and family to sit with you during treatment to support you. The clinic is child and dog-friendly too, to you help fit in treatment around your lifestyle, no matter how busy you are. Many of our clients pass the time during their treatment by reading a book or magazine, or talking with friends and family, as we don’t allow phones, laptops or tablets in the treatment room – unfortunately the electromagnetic technology in BTL Emsella can break them! Each treatment session is only 28 minutes long, so you don’t need to take much time out of your busy schedule, and it can even be carried out in your lunch break! 

When you start a course of BTL Emsella treatment, we recommend six to eight sessions to ensure you get the full effects and benefits Emsella can offer, and that the results last over time. However, many of our patients actually start to feel results within results within two to three sessions, and for some patients they may even feel results after the first session! We recommend that you carry out your full course of sessions over two or three weeks to see the best results. We can also offer top-up sessions if they are required (this is sometimes needed around a year after your regular treatment course to maintain optimum results).

Why Choose Estrada Clinic? 

Estrada Clinic are passionate about the BTL Emsella chair and dedicated to improving the intimate health of all women. We are also the only BTL Emsella provider in the North West, and are based in the beautiful Abney Hall in Cheadle. We started Estrada Clinic after hearing about BTL Emsella, and not being able to find any providers in the area. Now, our clients understand why we’re so passionate about the treatment, as they can feel the incredible results and see the difference it makes to their lives and the lives of their loved ones.

We are real advocates for the BTL Emsella treatment, and work tirelessly to spread the word of the amazing benefits of this treatment for women all over the North West. Not only can Emsella treat incontinence and vaginal laxity, it can also be used to prevent these issues by strengthening the pelvic floor muscles for the future.

As a family run clinic, we are friendly and adaptable to your schedule, and will do everything we can to ensure you are comfortable and happy with your treatment. Anneliese and Robert are kind, warm and highly experienced in treating women using BTL Emsella, providing an understanding approach and environment whilst you have your treatment. We really take pride in looking after our customers and making sure you’re comfortable and relaxed throughout your experience with us. As a highly specialised clinic offering only the BTL Emsella treatment, you can be sure you’re in experienced hands with Estrada Clinic, and our team of friendly experts are sure to put you at ease.

To find out more about the revolutionary benefits of the BTL Emsella treatment, or to book your consultation with us, contact Estrada Clinic on 0800 772 3952.

If you think that BTL Emsella may be right for you, contact Estrada Clinic on 0800 772 3952, and see how we can help improve your pelvic health or Get in Touch in the form below.

Frequently Asked Questions

The results of BTL Emsella treatment can be seen as soon as after the first treatment in some women. However, we recommend a minimum course length of six to eight weekly treatments to see optimum results from the treatment, and most people see and feel results after two or three treatment sessions.

The procedure is not at all painful, and many people bring along friends or family to chat to during treatment. You may also want to bring a book or magazine to read while on the Emsella chair.

Some women feel the tensing and relaxing of the pelvic floor muscles during treatment, but this has been described as a very similar sensation to regular kegel exercises, and isn't uncomfortable.

A single BTL Emsella treatment takes less than half an hour - 28 minutes to be precise!

While some women will feel results after the first treatment, a minimum of six weekly or biweekly sessions is appropriate to feel the optimum results of BTL Emsella. We'll tailor your treatment plan to you and your body to create the most effective results.

If you are struggling with stress incontinence, BTL Emsella might be the perfect treatment for you.

BTL Emsella can improve the symptoms of stress incontinence caused by menopause or childbirth, as well as other intimate health conditions, including vaginal laxity and difficulty reaching orgasm.

However, if you are pregnant, have a pacemaker, have metal plates in your body, such as hip replacements or if you have a copper coil or IUD, then BTL Emsellais not suitable for you, and we can help give you the information you need to choose a different treatment in these cases. You should also remove any intimate piercings before treatment with BTL Emsella.

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