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Welcome to Estrada Clinic, where we offer a revolutionary treatment to help women and men take back control of their lives: BTL EMSELLA

What Is

BTL Emsella is an innovative, FDA approved treatment to help improve the symptoms of incontinence, including leaking when you laugh, dribbles when lifting heavy objects and losing sleep when waking multiple times during the night for the toilet. All of this impacts on your general health and happiness.

It uses revolutionary High-Intensity Focused Electromagnetic (HIFEM) technology to stimulate the pelvic floor muscles and treat stress, urge and mixed incontinence. Using electromagnetic currents to contract the pelvic floor muscles (also known as the pubococcygeal muscles or PC muscles), the BTL Emsella strengthens them, so that they can hold the bladder and urethra together tighter, providing control and strength, so you don’t have to worry about those little dribbles when you’re not expecting them!

This might all sound a little scary, but we promise it’s so simple! BTL Emsella is a non-invasive, non-surgical, completely painless treatment, which can be carried out in less than half an hour per session.

What Is 

The BTL Emsella Chair is approved by the FDA as a treatment for incontinence.

Is BTL EMSELLA Right For You?

Stress Incontinence

Stress incontinence is the most common form, especially in women, as it is often brought about by childbirth, ageing or the menopause, as your pelvic floor muscles are stretched or weakened. This reduces the strength of the muscles and how well they hold the bladder and urethra, which means that when stress is put on the muscles, like when you sneeze, cough, stand up, jump or lift something heavy, you might find yourself leaking. This can feel uncomfortable and be embarrassing.

Stress incontinence after menopause is very common, with most women experiencing some degree of weakening in the pelvic floor muscles. For some women, this can appear in just the need to go to the bathroom more often, and having to consciously tense the muscles around the bladder occasionally when laughing, jumping or lifting heavy objects. 

However, for other women it can be far more serious, and have a big impact on the way they live their lives. Needing to get up multiple times in the night to use the toilet, always having to know where the nearest toilet is, not to mention the money spent on incontinence pads can all impact heavily on women’s lives.

Stress incontinence is often considered a chronic condition, meaning that it won’t resolve on its own without any treatment. For women suffering with more severe stress incontinence, many of the treatments available are surgical or invasive, and require long recovery periods and risk, such as colposuspension, sling surgery or the controversial vaginal mesh treatment, which has left many women with permanent and debilitating issues. Fortunately, a wave of non-surgical options, including BTL Emsella, are now here to help women suffering from stress incontinence after menopause without the risk of surgery and infection.

Stress incontinence is also particularly common after childbirth, due to the strain put on the pelvic floor muscles by vaginal childbirth. An estimated half of women who give birth will experience some changes in their continence, such as the signature leaks and dribbles when laughing, coughing or sneezing and having to get up multiple times in the night, which is the last thing you need with a new baby! Like menopausal stress incontinence, postnatal stress incontinence is generally considered chronic if it is continuing in severity for several months after birth.

With so much else happening in your life, contending with leaks and dribbles can make it difficult for you to try new things, go to new places and have experiences with other new mothers. It is also common for stress incontinence to disrupt intimacy among couples, as it can cause a major knock to your confidence, and disrupt sleep at a time when many parents are sleep deprived as it is.

BTL Emsella is completely non-invasive and can be carried out fully clothed in less than 30 minutes per session.

Is <b>BTL EMSELLA</b> Right For You?


Sit and experience the breakthrough treatment for incontinence.

Remain Fully Clothed Remain Fully Clothed
75% Pad Reduction** 75% Pad Reduction**
Non-Invasive Non-Invasive
Walk-In Walk-Out Procedure Walk-In Walk-Out Procedure

How Does BTL EMSELLA Work?

BTL Emsella uses HIFEM technology to involuntarily stimulate your pelvic floor muscles, meaning you can tense them far more than with regular Kegel exercises. This way the muscles can be tensed far more than with traditional Kegels. HIFEM technology uses electromagnetic currents to create a magnetic field which triggers contractions in the pelvic floor muscles, working them out just like any other muscle, to make them stronger and tighter!

In fact, BTL Emsella can deliver the equivalent of over 11,000 kegels in each treatment. The electromagnetic currents also help increase new muscle fibres and proteins in the pelvic floor muscles, to improve neuromuscular control of the bladder as well.

We offer a course of 10 treatments over four weeks, and you may feel the results after your first or second treatment.

Why You Should Choose Estrada Clinic.

At Estrada Clinic, we are passionate about helping treat the symptoms of incontinence and giving women and men back their freedom from leaks and dribbles. Our clinic in Alderley Edge, Cheshire provides BTL Emsella treatment, and our warm, friendly staff will help to make your experience with us as easy and comfortable as possible.

If you think that BTL Emsella might be right for you, call or message Estrada Clinic on 07701024293 or find our details below to let us help improve your pelvic health.


Conditions We Treat

Sexual Rejuvenation for programme for Women and Men

BTL Emsella works by regenerating and rejuvenating tissue in the vaginal canal and pelvic floor muscles, making it perfect for also treating sexual issues caused by loss of muscle and tissue tone. We treat men suffering from erectile dysfunction, massively increasing blood flow to the area and strengthening the whole pelvic area. We often have couples who attend the clinic together to strengthen their pelvic floor muscles and sexual anatomy when they take advantage of our couples pelvic floor course discount, when booked at the same time to attend together. 

Vaginal laxity (a feeling of looseness in the vaginal canal and around the opening of the vagina) is common in postnatal and postmenopausal women due to strain on the tissue in the vaginal canal or the loss of oestrogen and collagen in the body. In both cases, cell regeneration and an improvement in muscle tone in the area – caused by BTL Emsella treatment – can help to treat vaginal laxity by lifting, tightening and boosting the tissues.

Vaginal laxity can also trigger several other issues, including a loss of sensation for both partners during sex, feelings of vaginal dryness and chafing, pain during sex and difficulty becoming aroused or reaching orgasm in women, all of which can make your sex life less satisfying and reduce the confidence of many women over time.

BTL Emsella can reduce vaginal laxity by tightening and strengthening tissues in the vaginal walls, as well as around the vaginal opening to improve your confidence and give you back control over your sex life.

Urge Incontinence

Urge incontinence is usually caused by neuromuscular dysfunction, and can be caused by an underlying health problem, such as diabetes. Mixed incontinence is a combination of stress and urge.

Kegels are the exercises that are often prescribed to help strengthen your pelvic floor, but they are time-consuming, take a long time to actually work, and for some people with a particularly weak pelvic floor, aren’t actually possible.

BTL Emsella works in the same way as Kegels, by contracting and relaxing the pelvic floor muscles, but the results are far quicker and more effective than traditional Kegel exercises, giving the pelvic floor muscles a much more intense workout that would not be possible without the BTL Emsella treatment.

BTL Emsella has a 95% satisfaction rating, and people who have had the treatment said they saw a 75% decrease in their use of incontinence pads after treatment.

Any form of incontinence or difficulty holding your bladder can impact on your self-confidence and how you interact socially whilst carrying out your daily activities. If you’re suffering from symptoms of incontinence, Estrada Clinic and BTL Emsella are here to help!



What is BTL Emsella treatment like?

BTL Emsella treatment is perhaps the most simple and comfortable vaginal rejuvenation treatment on the market! All you have to do during BTL Emsella treatment is sit in the treatment chair for the duration of the session – that’s it! You might feel a tensing and relaxing sensation throughout the treatment, but this isn’t painful and most patients aren’t bothered by this.

BTL Emsella treatment is carried out fully clothed, and you can comfortably read a book or magazine during your treatment. Many of our patients also bring in friends or family to sit with them during treatment, and you are welcome to bring children to our clinic.

How long does BTL Emsella treatment take?

BTL Emsella treatment only takes 28 minutes! We offer eight treatments over three weeks for optimum results, and will work to accommodate you however you need – just ask us for help arranging your treatment plan!

When will I see (or feel!) results with BTL Emsella?

Some patients actually feel results as soon as after the first treatment, however it’s more common to start feeling results after the second or third treatment. However, we highly recommend carrying out all eight treatments, even if you feel results earlier on, to ensure that the results of the treatment will last. This is based on clinical trials performed and documented.

Does it hurt?

Not at all! Some of our patients report feeling a tensed or contraction of the muscles during treatment, but there isn’t any pain and the majority of our patients don’t find this particularly uncomfortable.

Who can use BTL Emsella?

BTL Emsella can treat the vast majority of women and men, however there are some exceptions to this rule. You will not be suitable for Emsella treatment:

  • If you are currently pregnant
  • If you have any metal plates in your body, such as metal hip replacements
  • If you have a pacemaker
  • If you have a copper coil or IUD (Mirena coil is fine and will not be affected by Emsella)

If you have any intimate piercings, we’ll also ask you to remove these before treatment.

What makes BTL Emsella different to other vaginal rejuvenation treatments?

BTL Emsella uses unique HIFEM technology to help regenerate muscles and improve strength and tone. It is also completely non-invasive and you can carry out the treatment while fully clothed!


Just a few of the amazing reviews of BTL Emsella from doctors...

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Just a few of the amazing stories from our clients...


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