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We are Estrada

At Estrada Clinic, we run a friendly, family clinic, and are passionate about the BTL Emsella treatment and the effects it can have on women’s lives as well as men's.

At Estrada Clinic, we run a friendly, family clinic, and are passionate about the BTL Emsella treatment and the effects it can have on women’s and men’s lives. Estrada Clinic was established to provide a new revolutionary, non-surgical and non-invasive treatment, reducing the need for risky surgery using mesh products, and giving women more choice and control over their bodies.

We are passionate about raising awareness of BTL Emsella, the non-invasive, relaxing and painless treatment for incontinence and post-natal leakage, which is helping women and men across the world feel like themselves again.

While caring for his mother, who suffers from incontinence and relies on wearing pads every day, Robert read about BTL Emsella treatment in the news, and knew that it was something he needed to be involved in. He saw the impact the treatment had and knew it could offer hope and positive results for many women, including his beloved mother. Unable to find a clinic providing the treatment that could help, he enlisted the help of his daughter, Anneliese Estrada, and together they set up Estrada Clinic, a highly specialised company, to help provide the BTL Emsella treatment to women and men across the North West. Anneliese now run’s Cheshire’s Estrada Clinic Alderley Edge, which is situated on the second floor of the Alderley Edge Medical Centre within the Runway Pilates reformer studio. Estrada Clinic Cheshire is in a fabulous location surrounded by other services offering treatments that compliment Estrada Clinic and vice-versa, such as the pilates studio, In-Peak rehabilitation and personal training and The Birth Clinic 3D scanning service which exist on the same floor as Estrada Clinic. There is also plenty of space to park.

We are flexible and personable, and are a completely family-run clinic, so you can feel sure you’re in good hands. With our specialist clinic in Alderley Edge, we are able to provide our specialised BTL Emsella service to improve the lives of our clients. Our clinic is beautiful, quiet and discreet.

We are passionate about helping women and men become free from incontinence and leakage, and we love seeing the positive change in our clients after completion of their course. So if you want to see how the revolutionary BTL Emsella can help improve your symptoms and make you feel more like yourself again, contact us today. BTL Emsella really is changing lives. Let it change yours now.

Anneliese Estrada x

Our Clinic

Check out our clinic based in Alderley Edge. We are child friendly

Alderley Edge Clinic

Alderley Edge Clinic

Estrada Clinic, 2nd floor Alderley Edge Medical Centre Talbot Road, SK9 7HR

Opening Hours

Mon-Fri: 2pm - 9pm
Saturday: closed
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If you think that BTL Emsella may be right for you, contact Estrada Clinic on 07701024293, and see how we can help improve your pelvic health or Get in Touch in the form below.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    The results of BTL Emsella treatment can be seen as soon as after the first treatment in some women. However, we recommend a minimum course length of ten weekly treatments (preferably two sessions per week) to see optimum results from the treatment, and most people see and feel some results after two or three treatment sessions.

    The procedure is not at all painful, and many people bring along friends or family to chat to during treatment. You may also want to bring a book or magazine to read while on the Emsella chair or we can always have a good conversation or two!

    Some women feel the tensing and relaxing of the pelvic floor muscles during treatment, but this has been described as a very similar sensation to regular kegel exercises, and isn't uncomfortable.

    A single BTL Emsella treatment takes less than half an hour - 28 minutes to be precise!

    While some women will feel results after the first treatment, a minimum of 8-10 weekly or bi-weekly sessions is appropriate to feel the optimum results of BTL Emsella. We'll tailor your treatment plan to you and your body to create the most effective results but we offer more treatment sessions than any other clinic for your money. This is because, being the longest standing Emsella clinic in the Northwest, we have over five years experience of women and men's incontinence issues and know that six treatment sessions is not enough for the majority of people. Please keep this in mind when looking for the best clinic for you.

    If you are struggling with stress incontinence, BTL Emsella might be the perfect treatment for you.

    BTL Emsella can improve the symptoms of stress incontinence caused by menopause or childbirth, as well as other intimate health conditions, including vaginal laxity and difficulty reaching orgasm.

    However, if you are pregnant, have a pacemaker, have metal plates in your body, such as hip replacements or if you have a copper coil or IUD, then BTL Emsella is not suitable for you, and we can help give you the information you need to choose a different treatment in these cases. You should also remove any intimate piercings before treatment with BTL Emsella, and you cannot use Emsella when on your period as the treatment increases blood flow to the area!

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